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Thank you cx I'm just decorating my page. I'm bi
Mon Jun 19, 2017, 11:10 AM
nice - fellow lesbian texan
Mon Jun 19, 2017, 11:08 AM



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


I think I'm gonna make 4 part series about Mirage! I just finished part two of Mirage and I'm waiting for the next commission to come in. Here's a sneak peak. 

Dabb1c289033 by GayTexenSupporter

Once he found another empty building, he started to play old French music. He pulled out his makeshift club, and slowly beats the soldier with club as the music plays. The G.D.I soldier cries in agony. Mirage beats him like a fucking duffel bag.
J'aime tes cris... Reference sheet
I'm so happy that I got someone to do the back side of him! No one has ever done this for me!


 Mirage Tank
+Gender: Mech 
+Age: 24
+Birthday: Nov 30
+Height: 10m default, 3.1m as human
+Alliance: None, ex-GDI, defunct Allies.
+ Sexuality: Bi
+Function: Ex-tank commander, freelancer.
+Primary weapon:  Rapid firing railgun rifle.
    -Strike Mode: Reverts back to combat-and-ambush configuration. Gains unassuming camouflage when idle. His default disguise is a tree.
    -Gap Generator: Projects a camo field that cloaks friendly units. Cannot self-disguise or fire his main cannon in this mode. 
    -S.H.R.I.N.K (Strong Homogenous Residual-Interactive Neutron Kinetic)His third new ability is to shrink down to size close to human size for stealth missions. Given from his creator.
    -Time split (new): Also given from his creator, its purpose is to return to any status he was 10 seconds ago. This can help him from being seriously damaged and escape from any difficulties.

Theme Song: Alan Walker - Faded Link or Linkin Park - Castle Of Glass Link
+Alt Mode: Tank

= Disadvantages 
-His Spectrum-dispersion cannon (on the back) is damaged and cannot use it anymore.
-Last of his kind. Can only repair himself from discarded mirage tanks (driven by humans).
-His chobham armor is weak compared to GDI's new far advance tank.

= Personality

-He suffers PTSD daily.
-He has no remorse for other people.
-He is completely twisted after the lost of his lover, his best friend and abandonment from GDI. 

= Likes
-Killing GDI soilders
-Horror/gory movies
-Teases other's misfortune
-Forplay and oral.

= Dislikes
-Does not like to show his soft side.
-Tail chasing arguments
-People don't listen to him
-Passive aggressiveness

= Relationships
    -Creator (me)-Long standing friend, suicide.
    -Crescent-Close friend
    -Athena-Friend, deceased.
    -PT-ex girlfriend, close friend.

Mirage belongs to me
Art work belongs to maunderfiend
Tu es mort pour moi.
I doubt anyone is still watching me over transformers after I change myself. I just thought to show it out there what my OC Mirage has changed and what I've felt. He's has a SG style.

So what changed him? I'll tell. His bio... I don't know if I'm going to put it down. 

So Mirage lost Caretaker, and Caretaker took over as acting director of the armed forces. Mirage does't know he's a acting director since Caretaker is only a medic type.
Mirage and his fellow tank commanders are being phased out of service for being obsolete. He can tell he's being replace by the new tank design, call the Mammoth.
With better armor and better weaponry. To show he still has the fighting power, he begged his surporoir to fight another battle with his obsolete tanks. He got his wish.

On the battle of Sarajevo, his job was to support newly develop tanks to attack Temple Prime.
Once the Temple Prime was completely surrounded, Caretaker ordered a Ion strike on the Temple Prime. The Temple was developing Liquid Tiberium bomb. Far bigger than nuclear bomb. Once the Ion Cannon was fired, the battle ground became a waste land. Nothing was standing.
Everyone was dead. Unlike Mirage though, he heard about the Ion strike. So he took cover into a deep cave and he was buried 30 feet deep into the earth's crust with the Ion strike. Once he crawled out the cave, he saw the mass destruction.

The wind was howling over 100kph, the green radioactive dust hitting his eyes. The environment is glowing with random lighten strikes.

So not only his heart broken from his lover, but he's also felt abandoned.

He walked towards to a flipped over Mammoth and made a shelter over it until the wind dies down.

After the wind storm, he walked and drove all the way to the outskirts of Zagreb, Croatia. Once there, he took refuge in a abandoned grade school. He made his fire and stared at it as he pondered for what his life have became. Thinking that everyone has left him for being old.

But not everyone...

Mathew visited him by teleporting himself to Mirage. He told Mirage what has been going on at HQ and an alien invasion has started over at the Blue Zones and the Red Zones. 

Mirage: Why is the world getting rid of us?
Matt: Cause the world doesn't like wise men...

Mathew did basic repair but cannot repair Mirage's main cannon. He would have to scavenge parts for the cannon. 

"I won't be here too long. I'm giving you this." Mathew installs shrink technology into Mirage's attack/defense systems. "It only has two settings. Big and small. And so far, you're big. Being small is like being a human size. Do not perform self surgery if you a human size..." Shuts the armor chest. "'re fat fingers aren't mean't to squeeze in and pull out a microchip and stuff". He touches Mirage's chest. Looking at his logo that he once was proud to be in, and now sighs in disappointment.

"Where are you going?" Mirage asks.
Mathew gives him the coordinates to Kowkash, Canada. "I want you to go there. Flow the gravel road until you see a cottage. Once there, remove the floor boards and you should see a big blue tin box. Everything there will explain what's been happening and what will happen."

"How will I get there?! Can you transport me there?! What is over there?!" Mirage replies back with confusion.

"I cannot do that Mirage. I don't want GDI to find you. I even removed your GPS so they can't track you. Everything in that cottage is there what you need to fix yourself... and what's been going on ever since I broke up with her. In the mean time Mirage..." Mathew hugs Mirage like he'll never see him again. "... I hope to see you soon. Whatever the media says about the GDI, don't believe it. Someone has to suffer and fix themselves' to what that person caused."

"OH! I almost forgot!" Throws him a railgun rife that is used for Zone Troopers (elite 
infantry) "I personally upgraded this one as rapid fire."

"Good bye Mirage..." Teleports back to base. Leaving Mirage to think again what's going to happen next.

I'll write more on the 3rd and final part that made him twisted.

I want to thank gomgomart (Hana696 on DA. She's not here anymore) on tumblr for the beautiful artwork! 
Mirage belongs to me.

Have you ever seen a hot air balloon going 400 knots? I'll show. Start at 2.46


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